The Game Changer For MSPs To Pivot & Thrive!!

Empowering MSPs With AI-Driven Managed Detection and Response. Rapidly anticipate, hunt, and stop attacks! All done for you. We will make you Security Rockstars in front your SMB clients.

24/7 MDR

CYB3R-X’s Manged Detection and Response Service
Provides MSPs and their SMB Clients with:

NGAV: Next-Generation Antivirus Protection

Proactively Block Zero Day Attacks. Prevents execution of malicious code by enforcing a chain of interlocking protection layers on executed files and running processes.

XDR: Extended Detection & Response

XDR platform provides extended prevention and detection across endpoint, network and user activities, along with remediation to hunt for threats across the entire environment.

Network Analytics

Prevention and detection of network-based attacks.

UBA: User Behavior Analytics

Detection of anomalous behavior and prevention of attacks that involve compromised user accounts.


Planting fake passwords, data files, configurations and network connections to lure attackers to reveal their presence.

Continuous Monitoring & Control

A centralized visibility interface showing all endpoint configurations, installed software, process execution, network traffic and user activity, enabling operators to optimize their asset management and proactively reduce exposed attack surfaces.

Incident Response Orchestration

Manual and automated remediation tools and actions for cross-environment remediation: infected hosts, compromised user accounts, malicious processes and attacker-controlled network traffic.